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The Events Hub organises and manages your face-to-face conference or event from concept to completion.

Providing the complete solution

Holding a professionally organised event is time consuming. From choosing the venue through to catering, arranging photography and videography, sourcing suppliers and sponsors - there's a very long list of tasks which need to be carried out with great attention to detail.

A well-organised event runs with effortless ease.

We take away all the stress of juggling multiple balls at the same time. Simply put, we tackle all the minutiae leaving you to focus on your attendees knowing that every detail has been taken care of for you.

Our well-honed processes result in an event where you and your guests enjoy the experience.

Planning face-to-face events

Starting with the end in mind

Starting with the end in mind Our approach to event management begins with understanding your objectives. Whether you are holding a private, corporate meeting or a national conference, our aim is to come up with a strategy which meets your goals.

We bring together a team which is best suited to your event. Our large network of trusted associates and suppliers means you will benefit from highly-experienced experts in their specialist fields.

Fresh ideas, innovation and creativity mean that we create memorable events which represent your organisation's brand values. Consequently, every event is different - tailored to you!

Events live on

Capturing the atmosphere of your event with photos, audio and video means the content lives on well into the future providing you with valuable marketing materials.

Our photographers will capture everything from the speakers to the exhibitors and the audience, providing you with fantastic images for your website, social media and printed materials.

Videos of speeches and panel discussions can be repurposed in part or in their entirety. Attendees will be able to enjoy the event long after it's finished. Clips may be distributed to future attendees to give them an insight into the value of attending your event in the future.

Hybrid Event stage

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To discover how we can help you turn your conference, exhibition, board meeting, AGM or launch into a truly interactive, engaging online event – keeping you in touch with your audience anywhere in the world – simply call us on 01506 300277 or 020 3327 1533

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