Combining the vibrant atmosphere of an in-person event with all the advantages of the virtual alternative

The Events Hub Hybrid Event Management

Combining traditional event planning expertise with world-leading technology to bring people together for a memorable, interactive experience

Experience an event live or online

A hybrid event is one which combines the live experience with the benefits of online streaming.

The traditional, in-person conference, meeting, training or awards ceremony takes place in a physical venue and is simultaneously viewed from anywhere in the world.

A hybrid event is more than just a simple broadcast. It allows online participants to engage in Q&A discussions, attend breakout sessions and to network with other attendees.

All attendees are able to pre-book meetings with other delegates and suppliers.

With access to our sophisticated portal they can watch videos and download documents from the speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Hybrid Event Platform

One system, two great experiences

Hybrid Event stage

A hybrid event allows all your events to take place without disruption, postponement or cancellation.

Our 21st century event management system allows you to ensure your event takes place even though there may be unforeseen circumstances beyond your control which result in the closure of your venue or changes to travel restrictions.

Our centralised system holds all the information needed to manage an event in one place allowing us to react quickly to changes to the agenda.

We are able to cope calmly with any eventuality leaving you to give your attendees a great experience.

Managing the technology

Whether you are attending the event in person or virtually, we ensure the audio and video is of the highest possible quality.

Our experienced technology team are experts in providing you with the best sound and vision, allowing you to focus on hosting your guests.

We rehearse before the event to test all our systems and have a team member on hand to guide virtual guests around the screen so they can get participate in Q&A sessions and discussions.

Our ability to record the presentations means that your event lives on. Videos of your event provide your marketing department with valuable visuals for promoting future events.

Marketing Hybrid events

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The Events Hub Hybrid Event Management

 Combining traditional event planning expertise with world leading technology to bring people together for a memorable, interactive experience