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The Events Hub Virtual Event Management

Leveraging world-leading technology to bring people together for a memorable, interactive experience

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Virtual Events

Partnering with The Events Hub allows you to concentrate on creating the best experience for your attendees by providing high-quality content without worrying about the technology.

Online events allow your delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to participate from anywhere in the world without the need for time-consuming and costly travel, accommodation and catering.

Our world-leading portal handles all the communications with your attendees before, during and after the event with a single, integrated solution.

We design the best experience for your particular audience, handling all the trouble-shooting and hand-holding while you focus on delivering stellar content.

Tailored to your Audience

The Events Hub works with you to plan a virtual event to meet your objectives.

  Expand your reach across the globe

 Respect people's time with an on-point agenda

 Not impacted by travel restrictions

 Unconstrained by venue size

 A world-leading online portal for speakers, sponsors and exhibitors

 A cost-effective solution to fit your budget

 Designed for the most complex requirements or a simple, internal meeting

 We help you keep online sessions interactive to increase engagement

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Virtual Events

Creating an Interactive Experience

Our Live Agenda sets out the timetable for the event, guiding attendees through the day.

Virtual sessions can be live or pre-recorded. On-demand videos provide visitors with additional information.

You can hold panel discussions with Q&A and moderation.

The networking feature adds social interaction to your virtual event with group discussions and pre-arranged groups.

Your exhibitors can create their own branded virtual stand hosted by one or more staff. Attendees can book online meetings in advance and download brochures, contact information and watch videos.

Virtual Events - the 'greener' option

Many organisations are choosing the sustainable alternative to in-person events, reducing the impact on the environment by eliminating the need for road, rail and air travel and the waste associated with accommodation and catering.

Without the need to travel, delegates save valuable time and can fit sessions around their busy schedules.

With our technology they are able to arrange 1-2-1 meetings either during or after the event.

About Us

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The Events Hub Virtual Event Management

Leveraging world-leading technology to bring people together for a memorable, interactive experience