The Events Hub

The face of the business

Find out more about Ruby's work and achievements in building
The Events Hub.

Why The Events Hub?

"I set up the business in 2011, after over a decade in the event management industry.

I wanted to take events to people, teams, and organisations that didn’t have access to top-notch event planning. These events are vital in their calendar, vital for their growth and development, but they had limited resources and were just trying to pull them together themselves with their teams’ pooled experience and knowledge. Without the tools and know-how, events were stressful to them.

What they needed was someone who could do it for them, and do it really well. Someone who could save them from mediocrity or forgettable experiences, add extra value and charisma to their events, and, in turn, help them transform their business.

So that’s what I built."

Gaining recognition

"It's important to me to show my daughters what's possible, investing in my own personal growth to learn from new experiences and perspectives.

So, I've worked hard to gain several achievements for myself and The Events Hub that I'm proud to celebrate."

Ambassador and member roles

"Representing people like me (parents, women, those with ethnic backgrounds) in the industry to get our faces seen and voices heard is one of my key drivers.

Similarly, striving to combat climate change and make events sustainable, accessible, inclusive is crucial to our business.

Consequently, I'm an ambassador for, and member of, several key organisations across Scotland, the UK and Northern Ireland."

Pride in Our Projects