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Whether you’re looking for light-touch support, management of a flagship event in your business calendar, or strategic event leadership - our tailored solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Explore how we can energise, empower, and elevate your event plans together.


Our light-touch event management solution, typically required by a small team which is outsourcing or adding support to their existing events for the first time.

Who is Empower for?

-To allow your team space to grow in their roles & responsibilities and ensure that they are consistently high-performing, you need them to focus on the areas that they are most effective in and you find that event planning is becoming a distraction.

-You recognise that redirecting your people from their day job to events stalls them from doing the work that’s fundamental to your business, and which helps them to grow individually – as well as part of a team.

-You are a decision-maker in a growing organisation which has built this event from the ground up and would like to see your event thrive through fresh and innovative ideas from an expert.

-As your events grow, the number of internal people involved grows and responsibility gets shared out. You are looking to have one trusted and experienced leader to provide ownership & accountability for an event of such significance.

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Our project-based event management solution, created specifically for a major conference, summit or event in your business calendar. We manage this flagship event by working collaboratively with your in-house or outsourced teams.

Who is Energise for?

Your team has carried out the initial coordination of your event.
-You are likely to be looking to boost and enhance final event preparations & delivery with the addition of an experienced Event Manager.

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Our strategic event leadership solution built on a consultation + implementation model, aligning your events with your strategic goals and plans.

Who is Elevate for?

-You have a calendar of events that is producing results, but now want to level up.

-Areas that you have identified as being impacted positively by your events include brand-building, profile-raising, lead generation, client retention, leveraging key network connections and developing strategic partnerships.

-You have recognised that your event plans need strategic leadership and direction to create even greater and deeper impact and return.

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We have a unique framework for transforming client events


By engaging our stakeholders and developing our teams at the highest level, we design open, welcoming, and inclusive event environments where people are energised, empowered, and elevated.


By creating smart strategic partnerships, we nourish human relationships and collaborate to achieve shared goals, resulting in impacts that extend far beyond events activity.

Project Management

By using tried and tested project management processes, we create strategic event plans to maximise time, resources, and energy.

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Our clients say…

“Beyond phenomenal - exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and forever a positive attitude! Very impressed: I’ve already recommended them to my CEO for future potential engagements.”

Anastasia Brainich

Head of Programming at COP26 Resilience Hub

“The Events Hub team turned our first conference into a success! We especially appreciate their ability to react quickly to unexpected challenges and adjust accordingly. We’ll book them again to organize our next conference.”

Anna Martynova

Marketing and Analytics Specialist at Tubics

“Ruby is one of those essential people to have by your side at any event: a very calming and organised Event Planner, and a real asset to any conference.”

Peter Doggett

Mentor and Coach, Vistage UK

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