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3 Reasons why you NEED an event organiser

‘So why do I need an event organiser?’

Many companies and individuals that we come across often ask us this question.

There are many reasons why a company will choose to delegate organising a corporate event to someone in their existing team instead of bringing in an events expert. Time and cost are the biggest factors, but often companies that don’t have an events manager end up asking their marketing or business development teams to pick up an event and run with it. These team members will have their own workloads to deal with and so running an event on top of their usual work can sometimes end up being a bit of a burden.


It may seem as though bringing in an events company is costly but what about the time it might take one of your team to shop around and find a venue, or the number of hours that it takes to manually register guests onto an event? There are existing systems that automate many event processes and your events company will be aware of the most effective or have their own bespoke system. Running an event could take up a large chunk of your team’s time which they could otherwise spend doing their day job.


Events companies consist of teams of people that have run hundreds of events in their time. Events people have past experience of coming up with creative ideas and tried and tested methods of ensuring things go really well – as well as foreseeing and preparing for what could go wrong. Experienced event managers can give you the confidence to run with your first event or if you’ve run events before, ensure that your event planning is as streamlined as possible to make it a success.


Events organisers are great networkers. They will usually have a list of reliable suppliers such as venues, graphic designers or printing companies. Leveraging the buying power of your events company means that as the end client, you have your event manager negotiating a good deal on your behalf.

An external events organiser is the key to allowing you to save time and money within your busy internal teams without getting in the way of your daily activities. The result is an event that you’re proud of which achieves its objectives and delivers return on investment. There is no doubt that bringing in a dedicated events company to work alongside your team will help you to execute a successful event.

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