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How To Be a Superstar Planner

Top tips for being a stellar planner

The world is a constantly shifting place.  Each new week brings changes that are out of our control – from the economy to technology.  These shifts cause changes in the world as we see it, know it, work and live in it.  One thing that remains constant, however, is our ability as human beings to both adapt to change as best we can and to plan for the future.

We’ve compiled 3 top tips to help you to be a stellar planner, no matter what changes you have to face! 

1 – Review past activities:

Review what activities you’ve carried out in the past and how these were received.  What were your achievements and challenges and were your outcomes met?  Reviewing what you’ve done in the past gives you a foundation or template on which to set expectations, objectives and ideas for the future. 

Here at The Events Hub, as well as reviewing how past activities affect our business, we review how each client event (or series of events) has gone with each group of stakeholders. We base the reviews on measurable outcomes such as attendance, feedback and lead generation.  If an activity hasn’t worked as well as you had anticipated, meet with your peers/colleagues/clients and offer to test out some changes or pilot alternate activities.

2 – Set Objectives:

Many things change over the course of time and what you predicted to have been your key aims might have changed over the course of a year, quarter or other period of time for a host of reasons. You may have already achieved the objectives that you set out this time last year and so those objectives will now need to be built upon or the targets set higher. You might have also achieved other results that you hadn’t originally considered. Have you figured out what yours or your clients’ key future goals are? Have you mapped out the year or next 6 months and looked at your activities and how they compare with your available resources?

3 – Be Prepared for Unexpected Changes:

In a constantly-moving world where politics, the economy, society and technology pull us in all sorts of directions, we can plan ahead by looking back at what we’ve experienced and achieved, setting goals for the future and preparing ourselves for the one that we can’t control – change!

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