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Virtual Events – the Sustainable Future

Innovative event and conference planning using the latest technology is helping organisations to respond to the climate emergency in a positive way, by creating new and exciting ways for delegates to participate from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their own office. To turn this opportunity into a reality, our team is experienced in designing and hosting bespoke, interactive virtual and hybrid events online.

We are pleased to announce we are collaborating with Osbert Lancaster, founder of Realise Earth, a consultancy supporting social change in response to the climate emergency, with a view to holding sustainable events.

Time to re-evaluate the impact on the environment

2020 has been a year for re-evaluating how we communicate both professionally and personally. Technology has afforded us the ability to ‘feel’ connected in a period of isolation. The global nature of the pandemic has challenged us all to examine our values and our responsibility towards one another and has reinforced our need for community and a sense of belonging at a time when coming together is off the agenda.

What we have demonstrated over the past few months is that, when challenged, we are adaptable and innovative.

Not only have we been required to consider how we support one another, but also how we treat the environment. In the developed world one of the side effects of being at home has been the quiet – the lack of noise from traffic, the empty skies and cleaner air. We have a stronger appreciation of our environment.

As social beings, our need for gathering needs to be balanced with our responsibility for climate change by finding sustainable alternatives to current practices.

It’s time to re-examine the impact of events on the planet

The evidence supports the case for virtual events as a way of reducing our impact on the environment. Cisco’s virtual Global Sales Experience was attended by 19,000 employees, preventing an estimated 84,400 tons of carbon entering the atmosphere from eliminating travel and a reduction in more than 200,000lbs of waste.

Doing away with the need for accommodation adds green credentials to a virtual event. Conference centres and hotels are major consumers of resources. A virtual event provides significant energy savings, with no requirement for air conditioning, lighting and water.  Without the need for catering there is a significant reduction in food waste.

Technology and innovation in the events industry

Using the latest technology allows us to create a first-class experience for organisations and delegates who opt for the virtual or hybrid model.

Ruby Sweeney, Founder of The Events Hub, commented: “Our formula for a successful virtual event is rooted in its design. A virtual event may run to a different timetable from a traditional face-to-face event. It also provides multiple opportunities for delegates to interact with one another, the speakers, sponsors and exhibitors online, saving the need for time-consuming, in-person meetings and removing the environmental impact of travel pollution.”

The long-term benefit of virtual events

Traditional conferences require concentration over an extended period of time. Whilst exhilarating and inspiring at the time, retaining the information is challenging. With video recordings of the speeches and panel discussions, virtual events live on as attendees revisit the content.

Making a commitment to virtual events is not only sustainable but cost-effective and scalable with an unlimited reach and long-lasting impact. They give your audience the opportunity to build lasting relationships in a new, exciting way.

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